Mizuno Pro Golf Stand Bag Review and Core Features 

 October 18, 2020

By  Golf Rangers

If you are a serious golfer who loves to carry their golf bag most of the time, then the Mizuno Pro Golf stand bag is the best choice for you. Mizuno Pro golf stand bag features a four-point harness style strap system to provide perfect balance and comfort. Therefore, you can easily alter the strap's fit to suit your size as it is fully adjustable. Padded pockets also offer a comfortable carry.

Four-way cut off design:

Mizuno pro golf stand bag has a six-way cutoff design, which provides plenty of room for all your golf clubs. Dividers in this golf stand bag are soft and provide support to protect your club shafts. Moreover, top cuff features are integrated. The molded grab handle makes handling the bag much more comfortable.

Magnetic closure and easily accessible pockets:

Mizuno has included six pockets in the pro golf design stand once with a magnetic closure for easy access while playing. It also has one lined pocket for valuables and also an insulated drinks pouch. All of the pockets in Mizuno pro golf stand bags are easy to access and have plenty of storage space for everything you envy to carry with you on your golfing venture.

Mizuno Pro Golf Stand Bag

Key Features

5 / 5