Garmin Approach S20 Golf GPS Watch Review 

 June 12, 2019

By  Golf Rangers

Golf is a 24/7 obsession for most of the golfer, and your next golf shot strategy is usually not so far from any amateur hacker’s thought. However, that’s very much at odds with the way we are using golf GPS watch currently, which tend to be strapped the watch just before starting a round and immediately remove afterward.

Exceptions are there, Garmin VivoActive has made quite a good golf watch impression, but the features have appeared in a host of other sports, and it does little more than basic range finding. If you need a complete list of features with shot detection and hazards, it has returned to a pro golf watch for you.

Garmin Approach S20 golf watch is the entry level golf GPS watch from Garmin. And it aims to be the golf watch for an everyday watch. It offers to operate the basic functions for yardages using buttons instead of a touchscreen. Also, similar to other Garmin watches, it’s light, rubber straps easy to adjust, and comfortable.