Callaway GPSy Golf GPS Watch review

Callaway GPSy Review

The Callaway GPSy Golf GPS Watch is Callaway’s smart effort to catch the golf watch market attention. IZZO is the original producer of this watch and Callaway marketed under their own brand name following to a license agreement. IZZO has visibly discontinued to their own watch brand Swami to avoid cannibalizing sales of Callaway GPSy watch.

We have added Callaway GPSy in our top 10 GPS golf watch list because of its amazing features, design and affordable pricing. It’s a fairly thin golf watch with a beautiful sized face to display relevant information. It’s not a stylish and sharp GPS watch like Garmin S6 touch screen, but it’s a solid wearable golf GPS watch with all golf features with some useful stuff like analog and digital time display and auto-course recognition at affordable price. If you are looking for a lightweight, easy to use, accurate and affordable golf watch, then GPSy is the best golf watch for you.

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Key Features

  • Sporty, sleek and elegant design.
  • Over 30,000 global golf courses preloaded.
    No download or subscription fees
  • Shows accurate distances to the front, back, and center of the green.
  • Displays Layup and Carry distances including hazards and doglegs.
  • Auto course recognition, auto hole advance, time and date.
  • Allows receiving smartphone notifications like calls, texts, and emails.
  • Displays track round stats such as shot distance, score, GIR, total putts.
  • Odometer included.
  • Battery life: up to 12 weeks in basic watch mode and can play up to 3 rounds in GPS mode in a single charge.


The dimensions of Callaway GPSy is 0.5 x 1.2 x 1.7 inches and weight is around 59g. It’s expected to be a bit bulky but will never impede swing. The horizontal pattern on the strap gives it a beautiful rough look. The band will fit comfortably in any wrists size. Also, it’s a water-resistant device but can resist only water splashes.

It has a 1.28 inches display screen. The display will show white characters on a black screen. It’s readable in sunlight in any condition. But it’s not a touchscreen device as Garmin S6. You will find the power button on the left side and also has four magnetic dots for charging on the same side. And has three navigation buttons are on the right side.

There are two colors available for Callaway GPSy. One is all black, and the other one is the combination of two colors white and neon. Both colors look good and unique. However, it may seem quite big on small wrists.

A magnetic charging dock comes with this GPS watch. It magnetically connects to the four dots on the left side of the watch.


Course coverage – The Callaway GPSy golf watch comes with preloaded golf courses similar to many other golf watches. It has pre-loaded over 30,000 golf courses worldwide but less than some of Garmin watches (40,000+). And It’s enough as it covers many local and golf club courses. There is no monthly/annual fee or subscription requires to get course updates. You just need to plug your watch with the computer and run the software when course updates are available.

Hazard Yardage – It will show you accurate layup and carry distances to hazards and doglegs. The left side of the screen will display a small graphics of hazard type and distance on the right. So, you can now select the right club quickly and hit the next shot confidently. It’s rarely found combination in affordable golf watches which only focus on layup distances.

Scoring – The Callaway GPSy golf watch comes with scorekeeper function. This scorekeeper function tracks scores, greens in regulation (GIR), and putts per round. Also, there is a simple stats tracking screen, and this is intuitive and enough both. It’s a significant small functional update of this watch that provides the tech for game improvement right on your wrist. This feature makes the post-round analysis super easy and you can now really isolate your game strengths and weaknesses.

Shot Distance – You can measure and save the shot distance for every swing in shot distance mode. It will help you to select the right club for your next shot.

Auto course recognition and auto hole advance – The GPSy connect to the satellite within a minute when you turn on the device and navigate to the Golf mode. It will automatically locate your course and will auto-advance from hole to hole at the time of play. Also, you can search the holes manually. So, you can fairly play hands-free, and all basic features are still available for you.

Easy to Use – The best thing about GPSy is its usability. It’s very easy to use and learning to navigate doesn’t take much time. You will have an accurate distance to the front, center, and back of the green as well as hazards and dogleg positions on the course with a simple turn of the wrist. However, prior technical skills will be a plus to operate this device.

Watch Face – The watch face is a rectangle shape just opposed to a circular watch face. So, It gives more space to show the yardages to various points on the golf course. This small but significant design difference makes this watch an excellent choice for golfers, especially who are passing a hard time seeing yardages on a small face golf watch. Also, who like simple and clean designs.

Other Features – The odometer will provide you the distance you traveled. It’s a simple way to track your activities on the course. It has both analog and digital time display mode, unlike most golf watches has only digital time display. Time and date will set automatically when it connected with the satellite. But you can’t connect it with your smartphone to get notifications. It’s not a Bluetooth enabled watch.

Battery life

The battery life of Callaway GPSy is impressive. Callaway claims that the battery lasts 10-12 hours in GPS mode and up to 40 days in watch mode. So, it’s expected to complete at least 2-3 rounds before recharging the device to be ready for the next round. But it’s highly recommended to charge your device fully before start your rounds to avoid an irritating situation if in case your watch battery died in the middle of the round.

Callaway GPSy Golf Watch


  • Easy to use
  • 30,000+ golf courses pre-loaded
  • Display distances to greens hazards
  • Can measure shot distanceScorekeeper function for post-round analysis
  • Auto course and hole advance
  • Accurate reading
  • Battery life
  • No Monthly/yearly fee or subscription required for course update


  • No touchscreen
  • Not a Bluetooth enabled device to connect with a smartphone
  • Fewer courses compared to Garmin
  • Limited features compared to the newest available technology
  • Not fully waterproof

Final Thought

A good golf GPS watch is definitely the best option to improve your game speed. So, the Callaway GPSy Golf GPS watch should be a good choice for golfers who like simple, sleek and lightweight golf watch. This watch is not full with all tech seen in newest released watches, but you will get exactly what you need to improve scores. It will give you accurate distances, digital scorekeeping function, and great battery life.

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