Wosports W600 Golf Laser Rangefinder Review 

 March 22, 2020

By  Golf Rangers

Wosports W600 laser rangefinder is the perfect golf rangefinder that is easily adaptable for both beginner and expert golf players for ultimate golfing experience. It is a versatile and multifunctional rangefinder you should be looking for accurately measuring range, angle, speed, slope, and much more. Golfers can easily change between yards and meters while measuring distances according to their preference.

You can get a measurement with an accuracy of up to 1 meter in the distance and up to 1 degree in angles. It allows you to step up to ball confidently knowing, that you have the right club in hand!

The rangefinder has a four-mode: Ranging mode (M1), Pin Seeker mode (M2), Slope function mode (M3), and Speed mode (M4).

The Wosports rangefinder w600 comes with a perfect number of accessories that will make using rangefinder more convenient. The accessories include a carry case, neck strap, CR2 battery, cleaning cloth, lanyard, and a quick-start user guide. However, let’s jump into our details Wosports W600 review to know more about this product.

Wosports W600 Rangefinder

Key features

4.5 / 5

Range: 5~ 600(M)

Range Measuring Accuracy: ±1M

Angle Measuring Range: -60°~60°

Angle Measuring Accuracy: ±1°

Measuring Range of Speed: 20~300Km/h

Laser type: 905nm(Class I laser)

Magnification: 6X

Exit Pupil Diameter: 3.7mm

Object Lens Size: 22mm

Field Angle: 7.5°

Battery: CR2-3V

Weight: 223g

Dimensions: 127mm x 80mm x 43mm

Operating Temperature: -10°C~50°C


The Wosports W600 rangefinder is a solidly constructed device with the all-white rubberized body and black eye rims on the viewfinder. It is a light weighted rangefinder that weighs just only 223g. The rubberized comfort grip and ergonomic design make it comfortable to hold for an extended period and enjoy the game.

Overview of Key Features

Let’s look at the key features of the Wosports W600 that make it a must-have rangefinder to improve golf game while on the course.

Slope Mode

Similar to many modern rangefinders, it has a slope compensation mode (M3) that provides accurate adjusted distances, even up and downhills. It accurately ranges from 5 to 650 yards and 180 yards to a flag lock.

6X Magnification

The device comes with excellent optics with a 6X magnification feature. It allows you to see objects and hazards in the far effectively in the golf course and makes targeting easier.

Pin Seeker technology

It has fantastic Pin Seeker mode (M2) to help golfers to accurately identify and target the flagstick easily. Moreover, the device vibrates when it locks onto the target.

Automatic Shut-Off:

It automatically turns off on its own after inactivity for some time. This feature may seem very negligible but can come very handy to save battery life. You do not have to worry about turning it off after using it.


It comes with a guarantee of 1-Year Warranty and Lifetime customer support.

Battery Life

Wosports W600 uses a high quality rechargeable CR2 battery that requires only a few hours to recharge and lasts long for several rounds of golf. Many users have complained about the faulty battery compartment. The battery cover tends to get loose and eventually falls off because of the loose screw. Many instances battery fell off and got lost.

Pros & Cons

Good & Bad of Wosports W600 Rangefinder


  • Affordable rangefinder compared to other models with similar features
  • Multi-functional features including Pin Seeker and Slope Compensation Mode.
  • A solidly constructed compact device.
  • It provides accurate range reading from 5 to 650 yards.
  • Comfortable, rubberized solid construction comfort grip.
  • Long battery life.
  • One-year warranty with lifetime customer support.


  • Some payers complained that battery cover comes off easily and results in lost battery on many occurrences.
  • Problem with locking flags in far off than 150 yards and with background objects.
  • Some users found this device doesn’t give accurate measurements for long-distance objects.

Frequently Asked Questions

01. Can the golfer display read the display in bad weather conditions?

Wosports W600 does not have a waterproof body and may not work to provide a clear reading in rainy or foggy conditions.

02. What are the 4 modes and their uses in Wosports W600 Laser rangefinder?

Mode 1 is the ranging mode that provides a range measurement of an object from 5 to 650 yards.
Mode 2 is the pin seeker function mode that vibrates once locked onto the flag/pin and show the distance.
Mode 3 is the slope function mode that provides adjusted distance based on the hole’s incline or decline.
Mode 4 is the speed mode that measures the speed of an object ranges from 20~300Km/h across the screen.

03. Can I use Wosports W600 in the Tournament?

Yes. If you switch of the elevation adjustment mode (M3), that makes it legal to play in the tournament.

04. How to switch from meters to yards reading on the W600?

Golfers can easily change between yards and meters units by holding the mode button down for a few seconds.

05. How long is the warranty?

There is a 1-year replacement warranty from the manufacture.

Final Thought

Wosports w600 golf rangefinder is an overall good rangefinder with amazing features and a solid rubberized body. It is a class 1 laser product to calculate slopes, angles, distances, and also acquire targets at a distance. The multifunctional rangefinder is a real deal at the price range it is offering and lifetime customer support. However, it has issues of the loose battery cover and hard to lock onto the target if you are more than 150 yards away.

No matter if you are a veteran golfer or just a beginner, it is still a top-notch device with ideal features to ensure an excellent golfing experience.

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