Nikon Coolshot 20 Golf Laser Rangefinder Review 

 December 11, 2019

By  Golf Rangers

Nikon is a well-known camera manufacturing company and making different types of cameras for many decades. So, it’s natural that a camera most probably comes first in your mind when thinks of Nikon. But do you know, Nikon is in the golf laser rangefinder market for a very long time. Previously they were the laser rangefinder manufacturer for Callaway. However, from our research, we found that Nikon Coolshot 20 golf laser rangefinder is one of the best laser rangefinders in the market.

An extremely compact design, easy to use, and affordable price tag make Nikon Coolshot 20 popular among the golfers. Also, It’s fully waterproof and compatible with any obstacle along with atmospheric while on the golf courses. Many unique features and technology set Coolshot 20 rangefinder apart from many other rangefinder models available in the market. It’s First Target Priority Mode and 8-Second Continuous Scan Mode can give accurate measurements for up to 550 yards. It’s also a USGA approved rangefinder.

Let’s jump into the CoolShot 20 golf rangefinder details to find out what more this perfect and small unit has to offer.

Nikon CoolShot 20 Rangefinder

Key features

4.5 / 5