Garmin Approach X40 Golf GPS Watch Review 

 June 18, 2019

By  Golf Rangers

The Garmin Approach X40 is a smart combination of fitness tracker and golf activity tracking that previously seen in Garmin Vivoactive. It’s more thin and simple than their other models like Garmin S6. In this watch, Garmin seems to be decided to move to more sleeker athletic design from fancy color screen tech. Despite the low profile of this watch, it’s loaded with many cool features, and worth to buy it for not only use in the golf course but also for other sports activities.

This highly sensitive GPS watch connected to satellite quickly to show the accurate distance to the front, middle, and back of the green like other Garmin golf GPS device. However, It combines technologies such as step tracking, activity tracker, heart rate monitoring into the golf experience. So, If you are searching for a golf GPS watch with fitness trackers or afraid of a large watch to impede your golf swing, Approach X40 golf GPS watch is perfect for you. The innovative approach of Garmin to this watch makes it one of the best golf GPS watches for golfers.

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Key Features

  • Slim, lightweight golf GPS watch band with built-in Elevate™ wrist heart rate technology and activity tracking.
  • Show distances to the front, back, and middle of the green including hazards.
  • AutoShot tracking measures shot distances and auto-records detected shots for post-round analysis.
  • Activity tracking shows steps, distance, calories burned, and activity intensity.
  • Receive vibrating smart notifications for incoming calls, texts, and other alerts.
  • Battery life: up to 10 hours in GPS mode; up to 5 days in watch mode


The Garmin Approach X40 almost breaks new ground for golf gadgets. Of course, there have been some “golf bands” already available on the market, but Approach X40 is a rebuilt Vivosmart HR+ in a different design. So, it means that all its smarts are loaded into a standard athletic design.

The dimension of this watch is 2.5×0.5×0.8 inches, and the weight is only 45g. It used a touch-enabled 160 x 68 pixels display screen. It’s bit smaller than any other available golf GPS watches. Look and feel are the mirror copy of an activity tracker. However, you may think the small screen would unable to deliver critical information properly, but it can. The display is sunlight readable and big enough to show all that you need to shave strokes off of your game.

The watch band is slim and nice. It’s very comfortable to wear. However, the watch is not designed exclusively for female golfers, but its look and configuration will certainly be popular in women who are searching for solid golf features.

There are four colors available for this watch. They are Black, Limelight, Midnight Blue and White. You can choose between them. Also, it’s a water-resistant golf GPS watch up to 50 meters.


Hazard distance – Approach X40 displays distances to all hazards, layup, and doglegs positions on the course like other expensive golf GPS watches. You can easily spot and measure the distance to any part of any hazard on a golf course on the watch screen. However, the hazard distance screen is a bit funky, and it’s accurate and capable once you get the hang of it.

Coverage – This watch comes with 40,000 preloaded golf course all over the world like other Garmin golf watches. You will get free course updates without any fee or membership subscription.

Green view display – Another feature of Approach X40 golf GPS watch is Green view display. It will show the true shape and layout of the green, even if you’re behind it. Also, it allows you to move the pin positions manually to get the right distances to different parts of the green besides showing how the green slopes are. This feature enables you to really dial in your short game. You can pitch wedges exactly to the flagstick and can imagine how the ball will move on the green without approaching the green before your pitch like the professionals. Considering the face of the watch, it’s a great and unexpected addition.

Heart Rate Monitor – Approach X40 golf GPS watch elevate wrist Heart rate technology will allow you to track heart rate 24/7. It will give you the freedom to workouts without any additional heart rate band. This device will also display steps, calories burned, sleep and resting heart rate data from the last four hours like Vivosmart HR+.

Activity Tracking – You can also use Approach X40 GPS to track your running and cycling sessions accurately like Vivosmart HR+. The heart rate sensor activated here and add the biometric data of your running activities that allow you to get the best analysis of your sessions. Don’t be wrong, it’s hardly a top-line Garmin running watch, but it’s a great feature for them who want to keep fit away from the golf course.

AutoShot Round Analyzer – It’s a great feature of X40 GPS watch. This feature detects shots automatically and makes the post-round analysis easy. So, you can figure out the strength and weakness of your played round. The historical data will allow you to analyze the courses and holes you have played throughout the year.

Golf Guidance – Approach X40 is a true golfing partner for any course you play around the world. So, no matter where you’re teeing off, it knows your position – and how far the next pin is from you.

Garmin Connect Golf Community – It’s an online golf community that allows users to play, after that share and compare the result with the Garmin community. Also, You can download your round and compare it with your last round. So, you can track your game improvement for each course you play. Garmin Connect app also can gather your ideal round, attaching your best score for every hole to get ideal 18 for that course.

Scorecard – This feature allows users to keep the score on the watch like Garmin Approach S6. Users also can do post-round analysis by uploading the score and rounds to a computer. Besides, if you play a course more than once a year, Garmin Approach X40 golf GPS watch lets you assemble your best scores on every hole. So, you can combine your perfect round.

TruSwing Technology – The Garmin Approach X40 TruSwing feature will allow users to pair their watch with Garmin TruSwing golf swing analyzer. So, users can get golf swing metrics on their wrist to improve swing consistency.

Smart Notifications – You can pair your watch with your smartphone via Bluetooth (Garmin connect App required). So, you will never miss any important notifications like email, text or alerts and don’t need to carry a phone when you are on the course. Just keep your smartphone in your golf bag and get all smart notifications right on your wristband.

Battery Life

Garmin Approach X40 uses a lithium-ion rechargeable battery and Garmin claims the battery will last 10 hours in GPS mode and up to 5 days in activity mode. According to experts opinion, you can play at least three full golf round with this battery life. Three golf rounds are above average as other available GPS watches usually last about 36 holes.

Garmin Approach X40 Review


  • Complete golf features
  • Preloaded golf courses
  • No monthly/annual fee or membership subscription for course update
  • Can measure shot distance
  • TruSwing Technology
  • Uploadable scorecard feature for easy post-round analysis
  • Bluetooth
  • Sports and activity mode
  • Fitness tracker
  • Elevate wrist Heart rate technology
  • Battery life


  • Some quality issue reported

Final Thought

Garmin Approach X40 is the best GPS watch for golfers with an active lifestyle. It provides accurate yardage to front, center, and back of the green and also hazards yardage. Additional activity tracking features and battery life make this small device a great GPS watch. Also, the Garmin connect allows users to connect with the golf community around them. If you love technology like FitBit and have no problem in spending a few extra bucks for a good GPS watch, definitely this watch is for you.

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