Bozily VPro X2, 6X Golf Laser Rangefinder Review and Core Features 

 October 10, 2020

By  Golf Rangers

Determining distance is an essential part of golf, and it can be challenging for new and experienced golfers. Therefore, choosing the best golf rangefinders will give you accurate data and useful in distance control and club selection.

While talking about the best golf rangefinder, then Bozily is considered as the best brand to consider. They produce the best golf rangefinders with 1000, 1200, and 1500 yards. It comes with a high-quality rangefinder and received positive feedback from many customers on Amazon.

Why choose Bozily VPRO X2 golf rangefinder?

These days one of the best golf rangefinder available in the online marketplace is the Bozily VPRO X2 golf rangefinder. It is designed by one of the most reliable brands in manufacturing. This device features a small and smart 7-degree field angle, a 905nm laser display, and four unique scan modes. Potential users can quickly check their range, slope distance, vertical and horizontal distance using this golf rangefinder.

What VPRO X2 golf range finder contains?

Moreover, this laser golf rangefinder functions with a flag pole and pinseeker technology that will vibrate in the head and this lock over the flag. Bozily VPRO X2 is a waterproof and fog proof rangefinder shielded by a metal casing. Inside this device is a slope switch functionality that helps measure mounds, hills, and everything between both. Bozily VPRO X2 golf rangefinder measures distance precisely and accurately up to 1500 yards.

Bozily VPRO X2

Key Features

4.5 / 5