Bushnell Neo iON 2 Golf GPS Watch Review

Bushnell Neo iON 2

Neo iON 2 released in 2018 and it’s the updated version of Bushnell Neo iON. The previous version was an excellent easy to use GPS watch, and Bushnell Neo iON 2 continues with this as over 36,000 golf courses around 30 countries pre-loaded in this watch. This next generation GPS golf watch will certainly make the pro-golfers happy beyond their imagination. All features that a golfer can expect to must have in a golf watch is available in this watch. And purchasing this watch undoubtedly take their game to the next level.

Upgrading from its previous version iON, new iON 2 golf watch Bluetooth technology can pair and sync your smartphone with Bushnell golf App. So golfers are now allowed to update courses quickly and easily via smartphone.

When you are on a course, Bushnell iON2 golf GPS watch will provide distance to the front, middle and back of the green, up to four hazard/layup distance, shot distance calculator, odometer and step counter. Also, this watch automatically recognizes the course and automatically show the hole’s stats when you move from one hole to another. So you don’t need to input any course or hole information manually as iON2 know exactly where you are because it gets all the data from its satellite connectivity.

This GPS watch is the thinnest and lightest than any other available GPS watches. Even more, the battery performance is 50% better than its counterparts. All the way, Bushnell Neo iON2 is the winner with the users.

John DeCastro commented (The global Product Lane Director of Bushnell),

“We pride ourselves on creating electronic measuring devices that are both trusted on Tour and by the weekend golfer. The iON2 is more user-friendly with industry leading technology at an affordable price.”

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Key Features

  • Over 35,000 golf courses preloaded for more than 30 countries worldwide.
  • No subscription or download fees
  • Easy to read front, middle, and back of the green distances.
  • Displays Hazard/Layup distances up to 4 per hole.
  • Auto course recognition, auto hole advance.
  • Shot distance calculator.
  • Round odometer Included.
  • Integrated Fitness Step Counter.
  • USB charging/sync cable included.
  • Comfortable dual injected silicone sports band.
  • Long battery life, you can paly up to 3 full rounds from a single charge.


Bushnell Neo iON 2 offers a sleek, comfortable design with a reversible strap band and wireless course updates via Bluetooth connectivity. So you don’t need to carry bulky GPS devices anymore, Just wear it and start playing.

The dimension of Bushnell iON 2 is 3.8 x 3.8 x 5.8 inches and weight is around 48g. The display screen size is 23X23 and will show distances to the front, center, and back of the green. It will also display the distance up to four hazards/layup areas. And it’s a waterproof device.

This watch available in two different colors, you can choose between black and blue or silver and green. Featuring in 5 languages and pre-loaded with more than 36,000 golf courses around the world.


According to the feature, it has all that a professional golfer will expect in his golf watch. Let’s know some of its key features,

  • Auto hole advance – This feature enables auto-identify the next hole and display hole’s stats. Also, you can adjust manually using the up/down button as well.
  • Accurate shots distance – You can measure shot distance of every hit accurately, but distances can’t be saved and link to the right club.
  • Hazard Yardage and coverage – It will show up to 4 hazards/layup distances per hole. This watch covers over 36,000 courses (pre-loaded) around the world. You will get free auto golf course updates without any additional subscription.
  • Tee time benefits – This GPS watch will start getting satellite connectivity 7 minutes earlier to the planned tee time. So your watch is set all to help before you start the first tee off.
  • Common features – This watch has all traditional features like stopwatch, countdown timer, and alarm.
  • Milometer – With this feature, you will get information on the distance you have traveled, speed in miles per hour and total time.
  • Usability – The watch interface is very easy to use. You can fix the interface with your own preferred language, measurement units, day and date format, time setting, GPS status, and sound.
  • Warranty – You get 2 years limited warranty against manufacturer’s defect. If you find any defect within 2 years of purchase, you can contact TGW customer service to know if it’s covered under Bushnell warranty.
  • Legality – This device is legal and allowed to use in all the tournaments.
  • Other features – This watch is light in weight, thin and water resistant. And it comes with a USB charging cable.

Bushnell Golf App Features

Bushnell Golf App will be included when you purchase the watch. You can see the details layout of the course with this app. And the other features are,

Free access – you will get free access to Bushnell Golf App with the purchase of iON2

3D Flyovers with Distances – You will get 3D hole flyovers with front, center, and back of the green distance together with hazard distances.

Hole Layouts with Distances – You will see hole-by-hole layouts with distances.

Wireless Course Updates – You will get Bluetooth connectivity with the Bushnell Golf app that allows you to updates courses wirelessly on your iON2.

Battery life

The most exciting part of Bushnell Neo iON 2 is its long battery life. It’s claimed that the battery will last at least 12 hours in GPS mode and you can play up to 3 rounds with this watch.

Bushnell Neo iON 2 Review


  • Affordable
  • Easy to read display
  • Auto course recognition
  • Auto hole advance
  • Over 36,000 golf course pre-loaded
  • Battery life (up to 12 hours in GPS mode)
  • Waterproof


  • Statistics and scores tracking not possible
  • Some user reported an issue about the watch freezing on distance info in the tee box.
  • Charging issue, USB charging cable allows charging from Laptop only. Can’t charge it from wall circuit.

Final Thought

Bushnell NEO Ion 2 is technically a smartly designed solid wearable golf GPS device for them who want to enhance their game performance. Its accuracy, easy to use interface and features stands out in the competition. Also, its affordable price makes it a perfect choice for golfers.

This watch has all the features that a rangefinder should have. It’s lightweight and thin look has beaten all previous chunky and bulky models. You will get actual distances and play faster with the help of Bushnell neo Ion 2 without having any complications. Setup is very easy and can play anywhere straight from out of the box.

The smartly designed display makes it easy to read in all conditions. However, Bushnell NEO Ion 2 is the best buy for golfers for its current price and features.

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